MAY - International Folklore Festival Da tropnem na more“ – town of Sveti Vias
JUNE - 20th International Children`s Festival “Sun, Joy, Beauty”
JUNE - 6th Internatiol Folklore Festival Nesebarski nakit
JUNE - 6th  International festive Art Competition “Otechestvo”
JULY - 11th  European Folklore Championship
JULY - 5th  International Festival “Nessebar – Island of Arts”
JULY – International  festive Competition Nadegdite na Evropa
JULY - 5th International Festival for disabled people “Nessebar with no Limits”
AUGUST - 9th  International Art Festival “Constellations in Nessebar”
AUGUST - 9th  World Championship of folklore - World folk 2019
OCTOBER – International Competition for children “I love The Black Sea”


FEBRUARY - 7th National Festival Love and Wine in Nessebar”
SEPTEMBER – 22nd National pop-rock fest
SEPTEMBER  - II nd Regional festival "Autumn in Nessebar"
SEPTEMBER - 18th Honey Festival
SEPTEMBER - 13th Festival “Ah Love, Love…” – town of Obzor
NOVEMBER - 7th National Fish Festival “Autumn Passages”



06.01.  Oficial Celebration in Commemoration of 171 Years since the Birth of Hristo Botev    Epiphany
07.01.   St. John`s Day – Ritual Bathing in village of Kosharitsa
14.01.  Regional Feast of Sausages in the village of Kosharitsa
21.01.  Babinden
14.02. Trifon Zarezan
Regional Wine Festival – village of Gyulovtsa
“Love Enchantment” – Exhibition of the Nessebar`s Artists
19.02. Memorial Service in Commemoration of Vasil Levski

01.03. Martenitsa      Amateur art and creativity day
03.03. Liberation of Bulgaria – National Day
Oficial Ceremony - 141 Years since the liberation of Bulgaria
10.03. Quadragesima  Local Masquerade Games
16.03.  Todorovden  Horse Racing in the village of Kosharitsa
22.03. Concert of children`s group Surprise” dedicated to the first day of spring
27.03.  International Theater Day

01.04. - 07.04.   Week of the Forest

20.04. Lazarki - Festive program
Citywide celebration and holidays in the settlements of the municipality.

21.04. Palm Sunday - Festive Program
28.04.  Easter
01.05. International Labor Day
02.05. Feast day of the town of Sveti Vlas
06.05. St. George`s Day – Day of the Bulgarian Army
09.05. Official Day of Europe
11.05. Saints Cyril and Methodius Day    Day of the Librarian
18.05. International Museum Day
24.05. Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture   
Feast day of
the village of Gyulyovtsa
01.06. International Children`s Day
02.06. Memorial Day of Bulgarian heroes
24.06. Eniovden- Midsummer Day          Feast day of the town of Obzor
Summer cultural Holidays
07.07. Festival of the bread in the village of Orizare
18.07. Official Celebration in Commemoration of 182 Years since the Birth of Vasil Levski
20.07. St. Elijah`s Day      Feast day of the village of Banya
26.07. St. Paraskeva`s Day     Feast day of the village of Ravda
Summer cultural Holidays
15.08. Holy Assumption
Big Festive Celebration of the city of Nessebar
06.09. Unification day of Bulgaria – National Day
15.09. Start of the school year in Nessebar municipality 2019/2020

Independence Day of Bulgaria - National Day

01.10. International Day of the Music and Poetry
12.10. Day of the Bulgarian Municipalities
14.10. St. Petka`s Day
Feast day of the village of Orizare
31.10. International Black Sea day

01.11. National Awakening Day – Day of the National Leaders
Feast day of the village of Kosharitsa
08.11. Michaelmas     Feast day of the village of Tankovo
21.11. Day of the Christian Family

06.12. St. Nichola`s Day
Exhibition of the Club of the Nessebar Artists

Christmas and New Year Holidays


    Holidays of the schools in the municipality of Nessebar:

  • 19.02. School “Vasil Levski” - village of Tankovo
  • 03.03. School “Lyuben Karavelov” - town of Nessebar
  • 14.04. School “G.S. Rakovski”- village of Orizare
  • 24.05. School “St. Cyril and Methodius” - town of Obzor
  • 24.05. School “St. Cyril and Methodius” – town of Sveti Vlas
  • 24.05. School “St. Cyril and Methodius” - village of Ravda
  • 24.05. School “St. Cyril and Methodius” - village of Gyulovtsa

The project is made on the basis of established chronological cultural events and celebrations, and it is open to changes.