Geography and Climate

Nessebar municipality is situated in the northeastern part of Burgas district. On its north are the municipalities of Byala and Dolni Chiflic, on the west is the municipality of Pomorie and on the east is the Black Sea. The town of Nessebar which is the centre of Nessebar municipality is 20 km away from Burgas airport.

The municipality of Nessebar has a total area of 162.85 sq mls (421.88 sq km). The agricultural land is 64.55 sq mls (167.23 sq km) and the forest fund is 7.88 sq mls (20.42 sq km). It comprises 14 settlements: 3 towns, 11 villages and Sunny Beach tourist resort. The population of Nessebar Municipality is 21 142.

There are three climatic zones on its territory: seaside, flat and mountainous. The climate is temporary continental. The aquatic resources are sea, river and ground water. There are two kinds of soil: maroon and forest.

The nature and the climate, the high average annual temperature and the splendid beaches provide conditions for the development of tourism, sport and recreation. The beaches in the municipality are the largest ones in the country with an area of 0.59 sq mls (1. 517 sq km) with a total capacity of 139 450 beach seats.

The municipality of Nessebar is the largest tourist agglomeration on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The tourist industry is a priority branch, one of the most dynamic and promising industrial sectors. On the territory of the municipality there are 200 hotels with more than 200 000 beds, 630 private rooms with over 35 000 beds and 1 000 catering establishments. A great part of the accommodation is based in the town of Nessebar, Sunny Beach tourist resort, the town of Obzor and Sveti Vlas and the village of Ravda.

Nessebar town is an important tourist transport centre. It has a well equipped passenger port. The town is situated close to the city of Burgas, a major transport centre on the route from the Black Sea to the Adriatic which is a part of the European transport network and in combination with tourism, recreation and water sports it leads to a more attractive realization of investments.

The land fund of the municipality is divided as follows: private land of 126. 90 sq km, municipal land of 1.10 sq km, 1.11 sq km of state owned land and a remaining fund of 28. 70 sq km. Due to the climatic and soil assets Nessebar municipality has long standing traditions in vine growing and fruit growing.