Transport and Infrastructure

Transport scheme

Three new computer systems for the public parking sites have been installed by Nessebar municipal authorities for season “summer 2009”. They will prevent misappropriations at the car-parks. The computer systems are connected to electronic boards which display information about the number of the places available at a relative parking lot, the direction and the distance to its location.

There are two parking sites in Old Nessebar:

North car-park
It is situated on the northern side of the peninsular, facing the resort of Sunny Beach.

South car-park
It is located by the passenger terminal at the harbour.

The prices are as follows:
For motor cars:

• From 1 to 4 hours – 2 levs per hour

• For 24 hours – 8 levs for the whole period

For buses and tourist coaches:

• From 1 to 4 hours – 3 levs per hour

• For 24 hours – 12 levs for the whole period

The tourist coaches will leave the tourists on “North-big” parking site and will be park at the designated place there.